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I help people heal

so they can love their beautiful brokenness.

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Hi, I'm Jen.

truthteller, brave + strong, broken, EMOTIONAL SIDEKICK, protector, WARRIOr, funny as hell, mama bear.

I write about life - lessons learned and re-learned, self-mothering, healing, doing the thing(s) you don't want to do, trying to do the right thing (and sometimes failing), and everything in between.

I help broken people with the deep, invisible scars left behind from emotional abuse. I can do this because I am also a broken person on my own healing journey.


I also help people make really big decisions and get shit done. Often the healing and the getting shit done are intertwined.

Because I can be both an emotional sidekick and an ass kicker.


I know for a fact that when women heal, they're able to move mountains.

And I want you to be able to move mountains.

{You + Me} Mamisma.

I'm not one to pussy foot around. Healing is hard. 


What's even harder is going about it alone - especially when you don't have to.

I have always been the mama bear, the protector, the fierce warrior...I am soft and cozy and safe while also being full of tough love, take-no-prisoners advice, and willing to kick you in the ass if I think you need it.

I take you under my wings and nurture the hell out of you. I walk by your side and remind you you're not alone. 


Let me mama bear the hell out of you.

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We are not alone

(though it sometimes feels like it)

Warriors are not born and they are not made...

Warriors create themselves through trial and error, pain and suffering, and their ability to conquer their own faults...
— someone smart (but not me)